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2 January 2024

On December 13th the CLS community entered Casa da Cultura in Centro Cultural de Cascais and turned it into a magical Swedish Christmas Lunch. 80 attending Swedish-Portuguese corporate representatives and individuals got a taste of the traditional Swedish Christmas food and listened to the children from the Swedish School sing Christmas carols as a part of the Santa Lucia tradition. 

For many years the Portuguese chef, Maria José at Conversas na Gandarinha, Casa de Cultural, has gathered her staff to cook Traditional Swedish Christmas food including herring, salmon, meatballs, and her personal favorite: Jansson´s Temptation, a casserole made of onion. potatoes and anchovies.

We met up with some of our sponsors: Atlas Copco, Securitas, and Universal Kraft, to hear more about what they thought about the food and the Santa Lucia experience. 

What was your favorite dish among the Swedish Christmas food?  

"We loved the salmon and the apple puree. The delicious food in combination with the beautifully singing children from the Swedish School really made the Christmas Lunch a special experience. Universal Kraft is an independent multinational company specialized in renewable energy solutions, with both Swedish and Iberian roots. Therefore, the Christmas Lunch was also an important opportunity for us to connect with companies with the same cultural background."

 - Sara Batalha, Marketing & Communication, Universal Kraft

What was the best part about the Christmas Lunch?

"I enjoyed meeting existing and new colleagues from the CLS community. The Swedish Christmas lunch is a tradition I had the chance to witness in several parts of the world and I believe it represents well the spirit of collaboration amongst Swedish companies and with the local industries of the host country."

- Sébastien Bidault, Country Manager, Atlas Copco

Why did you sponsor the Christmas Lunch? 

 "Safety is a basic premise for all of us to enjoy life with friends and family and to be well when we are at work. The threats to our safety are ever-increasing and becoming more and more complex. Therefore, our commitment at Securitas to help our clients make their world a safer place is more important than ever.

As many large and important companies were also represented at the Christmas lunch, it was a good opportunity to promote the company and establish new partnerships."

- Isabel Cordeiro, Marketing Director, Securitas


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