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Welcome Wakaru, new member of the CLS community

20 February 2021

CLS is happy to welcome our new member Wakaru to our community. Wakaru develops Big Data solutions and is looking for opportunities to collaborate to address the Swedish market.

Every day that passes the world gets more complex.

That’s why Wakaru® is developing Big Data solutions to manage, analyse and process complex events in real time. We do believe these architectures will support all mission critical systems. For this reason, we blend this with data engineering and data science capabilities based in a deep knowledge and understanding of business and operational processes.

We also design and implement a complete ecosystem for a 100% digital customer experience, software development services or tailor-made integration, innovation and R&D services, talent outsourcing, auditing and consulting in management systems and IT.

We leverage our innovation capacity to develop new products with an SAP® consulting practice specialized in customer, billing and asset management, and logistics automation supported by SAP® vertical systems: S/4HANA for Utilities, CRM, Digital Supply Chain and tools from GTP Automation®.

We apply our knowledge to all sectors of economic activity, but we have significant international experience in the Energy and Utilities sector where we have been introducing intelligence in network management, transforming them into smart grids, the integration of network management systems (OT-Operational Technologies) with business support systems (IT), improving operational efficiency and the customer experience.

Water Wise System® delivers a 360° view of the urban water cycle, transforms data into knowledge through the convergence of analytical, predictive algorithms and real-time monitoring, management and control of the potable, wastewater and rainwater networks. The convergence of analytical and predictive data, supported by artificial intelligence (machine and deep learning), generates smart real-time alarms that identifies abnormal behaviors in water networks such as quality, losses, leaks, bursts, reducing response times, non-revenue water, balancing supply and demand and optimizing the water-energy nexus.

Our integrated management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001® (Quality Management System), ISO/IEC 27001® (Information Security Management System) and NP 4457® (Research, Development and, Innovation Management System) standards.

We’re looking to address the Swedish market focusing in two main capabilities, the Water Wise® product to transform the water distribution networks into smart water networks as well as to deliver nearshore SAP® services. Talk to us!


Know to change

Wakaru is a Japanese verb meaning: to understand, to see, to follow 分かる.

We believe you need to know and, when you know, you change.

Let us help in the process and we will build future together.


João Mugeiro, Wakaru

João Mugeiro

Utilities Center of Excellence

+351 919 840 084





Wakaru - know to change!
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