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Welcome Guilli Jakobsson, our new team member at CLS during spring 2022!

9 January 2022

Starting off 2022, CLS is happy to share that we empower our team with trainee Guilli Jakobsson.

With an impressive study background in Business Administration and Psychology, as well with valuable professional experience both from strategic marketing, international trade and focus on sustainability - CLS could not be happier with having Guilli onboard with us. We give our warmest welcome to Guilli and share her letter to our community. 

Dear members of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce,

My name is Guilli Jakobsson and I am happy to say that I will be the new intern for this spring, at the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. I am very much looking forward to being part of the team at CLS and to connecting with our members.

I am just starting my last semester as a bachelor student in Business Administration and Psychology at Copenhagen Business School. I moved to Copenhagen 3,5 years ago and have besides my studies gotten practical experience within sustainability and marketing consulting as well as being a representative for Swedish business and industries. I am excited to move to Lisbon and to immerse myself in a new culture and language, but most importantly into my role at CLS.

Guilli Jakobsson, trainee at the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

I look forward to learning more about the bilateral relationship between Sweden and Portugal and how CLS hereby is contributing to continuous strengthening cooperation and trade among stakeholders. Furthermore, I am certain my time at CLS will be an educational and intriguing challenge where I hereby hope my previous experience and educational background will be resourceful.

The aim of my internship is to assist in facilitating effective cooperation and continuous growth, benefitting the members of the CLS community. I additionally aspire to help strengthen the focus and understanding of  sustainability through our community.

I am looking forward to working with all of you in the upcoming months!

Guilli Jakobsson

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