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Welcome Klarna to Portugal and to the CLS community

28 September 2022

We are happy to introduce Klarna to the CLS community!

Since 2005, Klarna has had the mission to revolutionize banking and retail. With over 150
million users and 2 million daily transactions, Klarna is now in over 450.000 merchants
globally, including H&M, Saks, Sephora, Macys, IKEA and Expedia. With over 5.000
employees and present in 45 geographies, Klarna is valued at $6.7B.

After entering the Portuguese market in November 2021, Klarna has reached 200.000 users
and is present in over 870 check-outs. Since then, brands like Samsung, About You, Adidas,
Showroomprive, Emma Sleep, Gato Preto, Xiaomi Store, Sklum, among others, are offering
their shoppers the flexibility of deciding when and how they pay. In Portugal, Klarna offers
its “Pay in 3” service, as well as “Pay Now”.

Klarna’s ambition in Portugal is getting bigger. The Portuguese shoppers enjoy online shopping, and are tech savvy, but they are also very pragmatic and smart shoppers. By being present in more and more merchants check-outs, to further develop Klarna’s app through affiliation, while at the same time, increasing our consumer base, Klarna is here to be a daily stamp in the Portuguese shopper life.

For Klarna’s growth in Portugal, being part of the CLS community for Klarna is key. It creates
a bridge between already Portuguese-based, as well as launching, Swedish retailers and brands,
and Klarna, that can support their growth in the market!


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