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CLS welcomes Omocom to our community!

26 October 2020

We are delighted to announce that Omocom, an insurance distributor and insurtech solutions provider, headquartered in Sweden, has become member of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce.

Omocom has recently expanded its business operations into Portugal, headed up by Damian Roach, Regional Manager, Southern Europe, and has recently been awarded a licence to distribute insurance in most European Union territories.

Omocom's business concept is to offer on-demand digital micro-insurance solutions, that are seamlessly integrated into the sales flow of digital marketplace & sharing platforms, that strive to increase the use of existing resources, and thus contributing to the circular economy.

Tailor-made insurance solutions for circular economy oriented platforms (i.e. 2nd hand marketplaces, mobility sharing & accommodation/space hosting) are often hard to come by, and difficult to mould into a sharing/marketplace platforms modelled on the short-term transaction or the confidence of a 2nd hand purchase.

Fortunately, Omocom provides that dire need of an insurance fit to purpose and fit to duration, whilst also enabling revenue generation for its clients, as result of greater conversion rates and less churn, due to the availability of a valued insurance protection available on their clients’ platforms.

Ultimately, Omocom is focused on contributing to the long-term sustainability of the planet, by insuring assets, space and vehicles, so that they are maintained within the circular economy.

For more information about Omocom's solutions, please contact:
Damian at ,
or by mobile +351 932 927 074.

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