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We welcome Sanne Persson to the CLS

21 February 2020

At CLS, we are very content to present our new coworker for the spring of 2020. Sanne Persson, our Communication Management Trainee will work with strengthening our visibility and contact with our members and community. In this text, she will tell us about her background and outline in her goals for her spring with CLS. Welcome, Sanne!

Dear members of the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, 

My name is Sanne Persson and this spring I will act as the Communication Management Trainee at the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. I am very excited to be given this opportunity and I look forward to developing my communication and marketing skills whilst working towards strengthening the communication both within the CLS business community and with relevant actors that are not yet a part of our community. 

I am currently a student at Lund University where I study Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. In parallel with my business studies, I have also studied communication and last spring I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication studies from Malmo University. This combination of fields has spurred my interest in how organizations communicate with their surroundings and the importance of good communication for building strong and lasting relationships. 

Strong and lasting relationships are, according to me, characterized by a give-and-take approach and that is something that I feel imbues the trade relationship between Sweden and Portugal. Besides both being small and open economies, I am convinced that the differences that exist serve as a great opportunity for Portuguese and Swedish companies to learn from each other and to expand together.

To facilitate this, organizations like the CLS plays a pivotal role as a networking hub that connects the right organizations and people with each other. It is my belief that we, by encouraging collaboration and communication, can make great things happen. 

My goal for this spring is, together with the CLS and its members, to continue to develop CLS as a networking hub and to increase the chambers’ visibility (whilst, hopefully, learning a bit of Portuguese along the way). To be able to do this is in the best possible way, I will gladly receive ideas and suggestions regarding projects which can work as a facilitator for creating and deepening collaboration between both old and potential new members of the CLS. 

Looking forward to working with you all as a representative of the CLS! 

Yours sincerely,
Sanne Persson


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