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Welcome Universal Kraft - the newest member of the CLS community

4 June 2021

CLS happily introduces Universal Kraft as the newest addition to our community. Read more about Universal Kraft and their ambitious objectives to produce sustainable clean energy!

Climate change is more and more an increasing concern and over the last decade it has manifested itself on different ways ranging from big sustainable industrial solutions, electric vehicles, solar-powered air travel, self-sufficient architecture to eco-friendly interior design/décor, DIY and recycling trends for smaller scale solutions, although with high impact.

Even though many must believe that green solutions can only be achieved with high costs – that is not the case.

From a dual Iberian/Swedish starting point, Universal Kraft has established itself over the last 20 years providing cost-effective solutions for sustainable clean energy production around the globe, with a number of activities along the whole value chain.

Having a firm market perspective, we initially approached the energy field from the consumer side, doing energy efficiency for large real estate portfolios to the production of solar, mini and floating hydro, waste to energy as well as wind power. However, today our focus is in decentralized solutions for both sustainable power production and storage.

We have a strong view that standardized midsize production units are key, both in established markets to minimize and optimize grid constraints and power output as also to off grid communities (for example on islands) where petroleum-based production needs to be replaced.

Production close to consumption, in a standardized and effective fashion, is our market. Although solar and wind power are central, energy storage, floating, pump, mini hydro, biomass and waste to energy are important parts of the total solution.

With a core team of more than 30 international professionals with solid experience stretching from large scale capital markets financing and M&A to local engineering, development, procurement and construction, Universal Kraft can be fast moving in adapting to the opportunity at hand.

Continuously learning and having a strong multidisciplinary approach, we develop new ways to explore the energy market and we venture out into other industries with a similar dynamic. We also know the importance of local presence and boots on the ground. This philosophy is the determining factor for where we establish our business in the world.

With our long term technical and engineering knowledge, today we offer optimal solutions based on state-of-the-art technology development and even if we can go big, our first focus is on small, but scalable solutions, and decentralized energy solutions for creation of Off/Micro grids.

It’s an amazing thing that we, in our lifetime, have the possibility to create fully carbon free societies with sustainable power generation. And when we do that, it’s not just the obvious, the energy sector transformation and saving the climate, it’s when we are able to create energy without pleading the resources of the earth that we are also solving many other of mankind’s greatest challenges.

Energy is the base of most things, and with commercially viable sustainable energy production, we get the chance to decarbonize the planet while bringing social and economic development to all places in the world.

This is and has been our call, and this is why we are not “just” an energy company, we aim for global solutions! – Universal Kraft CEO.

We, a change driven company, willing to act towards the goal of achieving 100% carbon free societies and fighting petrol-based energy consumption on a large scale while proving that smaller but scalable solutions can be also the starting point for many other industries and companies nowadays.

Universal Kraft

Universal Kraft
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