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Meet CLS newest member, Xpand IT

24 November 2020

CLS welcomes our latest member, Xpand IT. With a recent expansion to Sweden, Xpand IT offers their techinical skills  in areas like Digital Experience, UX/UI, CRM, Middleware, Analytics, Big Data and Data Science. We look forward to integrate Xpand IT in our community and give all our readers an introduction below to this dynamic business. Welcome!

Xpand IT has recently expanded (no pun intended) its reach into Sweden, being in the final phase of creating its newest subsidiary, in Stockholm. With offices in Portugal and the UK, Sweden is the most recent country where the company is expanding its business operations, hoping to contribute with technical skills in areas like Digital Experience, UX/UI, CRM, Middleware, Analytics, Big Data and Data Science.

The company’s focus has always been technology, and as the years passed it gained a lot of experience in the aforementioned areas. From defining the UX/UI of a Mobile App to creating it’s backend systems in the Cloud (with different technological stacks) to creating a Big Data solution and explore the data via Analytics tools, all of these are projects that are in Xpand IT’s scope and that the company has been doing for quite some time. Being really specialized in the technologies it believes in has led to the creation of strong partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Databricks, Cloudera, Tableau, Salesforce and others – that recognize Xpand IT as a trusted partner to implement solutions using their technologies.

 It was, in fact, the relationship with some of these partners that lead to the creation of the Swedish subsidiary. The lack of professionals, specifically in the areas where Xpand IT specializes in, combined with customer’s needs for those skills where fundamental in taking this step. And now, the company is ready to continue working with Swedish customers, bringing value to the table on the topics they know best.

One example of that is the Webinar Series the company is doing focused on Microsoft’s Power Platfom, where it will talk about RPA and Power BI – if you want more information please check this link. And more initiatives are coming, namely with CLS.

Sergio Viana, Partner & Microsoft Solutions Lead

Sérgio Viana, Partner & Digital Xperience Lead, says “We see our expansion to the Swedish market as a natural step in our growth, considering the feedback we’ve had from both partners and customers. We have already started some projects and we’re doing specific initiatives to bring value to the community, and we look forward to this new challenge – the journey is just starting, but we are very excited to be taking this step!”

Get in contact with Sérgio:

Sérgio Viana

E-mail: Mobile: +351 918091839

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