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Wrapping up 2022 and moving into the unknown of 2023 - a year of opportunities

28 December 2022

2022, a year where hope, resilience and further uncertainty rose. Also a year where we got to fully connect and welcome eachother back to an everyday with less restrictions. 2022 will be a year to remember, where we all have continued to adapt, grown and learned from eachother. Humbleness, empathy and innovation will lead our way into 2023 and beyond.  

The CLS would like to take a moment to thank you all for 2022, as well as for your support to our first 40 years, making our community spark, thrive and continuously develop with us for a better tomorrow. 

Reaching the end of 2022, we are wrapping up the year which has passed. How does one really put a year like this into words?

One thing is sure, it has been a year that will be remembered and written into many history books in years to come. A heartbreaking year where war and inflation has become a rather normal in peoples everyday lives.

For most of us, this is creating impact in our communities and beyond, not least the uncertainty that arises when we do not know the day after tomorrow. Being impressed is a small word when we see the proactive approach our members have taken and measured actions which they have implemented. We are more than grateful for the community we are part of. 

Also, having a pandemic lurking in the back of our minds, it has been a necessity to again reinvent ourselves, redesign strategies, actions, and outcomes.

In terms of the CLS organisation, we are ensuring that every initiative during 2022 and onwards, has had and will have a clear vision and purpose to facilitate and support our members in their business development, networking and trade between Sweden and Portugal.

Having this said, we are proud to share that CLS is continuing to grow and with 40 years of facilitating business and trade between Sweden and Portugal, we have further expanded our activities 2022. And this has only been possible in co-creation and collaboration with all of you, or much engaged community

So, TACK! OBRIGADA! We thank you for your trust in us and in yourselves. 

With the aim to continue create value and facilitate sustainable business for our members, we are determined that 2023, a year of challenges, will also be a year where new opportunities will arise.

Change is inevitable and we will embrace our new tomorrow with humbleness, empathy and creativity, in order to innovate and thrive together! 

On behalf of CLS Board of Directors and all CLS organisation, we thank you for your dedication to make our communty a dynamic platform for networking and business and welcome you to deepen our relations even further in 2023!

And not to forget, we wish you all a Holiday season with love, health and joyful moments wherever you are. 


Jennifer Ekström, Chairwoman of CLS Board of Directors & Roya Moghaddas, Secretary General

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