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3 May 2024

April 18th-24th the Swedish association, Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden visited Lisbon to network, enjoy the climate, and explore the Portuguese culture and market. The group of 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, really blew us away with their creativity, energy, and innovativeness. 

Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, YEoS, is a non-profit organization founded in 2008. They aim to create the most powerful platform for young entrepreneurs in Sweden between the ages of 18 and 35. Focusing on the entrepreneur, rather than the industry, their +200 members support each other, through exchanging knowledge and inspiration. Each year, they coordinate several larger and smaller events. This year it was time to visit Lisbon under their concept YEoS Xchange.

To welcome the group of young innovators the Swedish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce together with the Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon and our members: QueensLab, Foxway, The Gang, LEAPS, Mancini Property, and Mercator, took the opportunity to co-organize a networking dinner at the new CLS/QueensLab Portugal Headquarters. 

A successful event, where our close friend Ana Borba, owner of Restaurante Pastanaga, served the typical Portuguese culinary experience. Except for networking and getting a taste of Portuguese cuisine, the young entrepreneurs got a proper welcome speech from H.E Elisabeth Eklund Ambassador to Sweden in Portugal, and some lectures in the entrepreneurial spirit: 

The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce reached out to Fredric Tegebro, organizer of the YEoS XchangE trip to Lisbon, to hear more about their days in Portugal,  

"Lisbon really delivered a wonderful experience, both the climate and the relaxed culture were something that took us by storm. In addition to the networking evening at QueensLab, we spent half a day at the co-working hub IDEA Spaces, among other things with Here Partners who can assist with support regarding establishment in Portugal.

 We also listened to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services about how it works if you approach the idea of having Portugal as a place for more than just vacations. Then being able to visit both Stefan Nilsson at Foxway and Per Berglund at EB Invest's home and see the fruits of successful entrepreneurial journeys really inspired us.

All entrepreneurship is about the relationships you build along the way, and now we have opened new dialogues that can more easily create a bridge to a new location and a new market!"

- Fredric Tegebro, Head of Community & Events, YEoS.


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