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Innovation Circle

Date October 10th
Location Hotel Lagoas Park - Oeiras
Fee Invitation only - Contact CLS

How ready are you to Innovate?

At 08h30 on October 10th, 2018, the very first Innovation Circle will be held in Portugal, organized by the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (CLS), Volvo Cars and Innovsky

In a 2 hour event, participants will have the opportunity to listen to experts in the area of innovation and carry out assessment of their own company´s innovation capabilities through the InnoSurvey® tool. In addition to their results, which are only available for the company itself, there will also be a presentation with the overall aggregate result of the participants in the event, as well as a benchmark with the most innovative companies in the world. 

After registrating for the event you will receive an email with the link to fill out an online survey in the InnoSurvey® tool. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and will allow you to receive a report on the day of the event with the assessment of your company's innovation capabilities, benchmarks and recommendations to develop your existing innovation capabilities.


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