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Networking Cocktail Stockholm Executive MBA Visit

Date May 16th 2018
Location Altis Grand Hotel, Lisboa
Fee €30-40

On Wednesday 16th May, a delegation of Swedish executives from approximately 40 Swedish firms will be visiting Lisbon, as part of their Executive MBA activity at Stockholm University, to better understand the trade and business dynamics of the city. The visit to Lisbon is arranged in cooperation with Nova School of Business and Economics and the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. This evening event, organised jointly by Stockholm University and the Swedish-Portuguese Chamber, is designed to bring executives from both countries together with a view to sharing experiences, and perspectives, on trade and business across borders framed by Speaker Armando Neves on "Breaking Blockchain".

You can expect a night of interesting discussions, cocktail dinner and drinks with a rooftop view over Lisbon. You will also get the opportunity to listen to a thought provoking talk around the mistakes people make when venturing into the world of blockchains and how to take advantage of the still nascent technology. While you hear about blockchain everywhere, it is rare to find people who understand what the concepts, technologies and products really are, so make sure to not miss out on this evening.

Armando Neves originates from West Africa but was raised in Stockholm. His first steps into tech were exporting affordable cars to NGOs in Liberia and continued with developing an AI driven accounting bot. No matter where he went the emergence of blockchain technology made itself more and more apparent. This led Armando to dive deeper into the “world of crypto”. Today he is based out of Lisbon, helping companies internationally implement blockchain and cryptocurrency at

The event is sponsored by Sérvulo & Associados. 


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