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Swedish and Portuguese businesses leading the way for the Sustainability Initiative.

With a four-fold focus we will present talks and insights upon:

_Sustainable strategies 

_Sustainable digitalization

_Renewable Energy 

_Sustainable production


Join us in the journey to inspire and increase the Swedish-Portuguese collaboration in sustainability  


The Swedish-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce
Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon
Business Sweden - the Swedish Trade & Invest Council
AICEP Portugal
AstraZeneca Portugal
Atlas Copco Portugal
Ericsson Portugal
Universal Kraft
Volvo Cars Portugal


Sustainability Strategies

The introductory part of the initiative will discuss general sustainability strategies and their applicability to practically all areas of our society and economy. In this part we would like to listen to companies of different sizes and from different sectors on how they tackle sustainability, what we could learn from each other, what challenges they see ahead and what the general outlook is regarding sustainability in Sweden and Portugal.

Implementing digitalization sustainably

The second part will focus on the challenges and opportunities that digitalization implies and how digitalization can contribute sustainably to society. Digital communication technologies have already changed our societies around the globe and there are no signs that change would slow down in the years to come. Artificial Intelligence, block-chain technology, cybersecurity and digitalization in healthcare will be covered likewise.

Renewable energy

Both Sweden and Portugal share and emphasise ambitious climate goals, strong support for innovation and are today in the forefront of the sustainable development agenda. In our communities, we today have members in the area of renewable energy and in this third part of the project, we will promote their important and highly innovative work.

Sustainable production

Portugal and Sweden have a long tradition and a solid interest in sustainable production. Several well-known and high-quality Swedish brands have had production sites in Portugal for several years and there is an increased interest in moving production to Portugal. Swedish companies often take the lead in the focus on sustainable production, not least in textile manufacturing and more traditional industries. Sustainability, transparency and a smaller ecological footprint are all in line with values that Sweden promotes on a global level.

Background to the Sustainability Initiative

Many Swedish and Portuguese companies have advanced and up-to-date policies in the area of sustainability, and we recognize that incorporating sustainability-thinking is gaining traction. Faced with many inquiries regarding sustainable production, materials, and collaborations with possible Portuguese partners, we have also identified that the market is shifting its focus towards a more regional to shorten the ecological footprint, amongst other reasons. Portugal, having a such long and profound history of excellent craftmanship and natural resources, has become a country many Swedish companies are now shifting their focus towards.

With this as a backdrop, CLS, together with the Embassy of Sweden in Lisbon, Business Sweden, AICEP and our corporate partners AstraZeneca, Atlas Copco, Ericsson, Foxway, Universal Kraft and Volvo Car, are introducing the “Sustainability Initiative” with the purpose of bringing Swedish and/or Portuguese entities to the fore and present their dedication to sustainability, or that illustrate how they have innovated and incorporated sustainability into their operations in an effective way.

Sustainability, transparency, and a reduced ecological footprint are values that are aligned with Swedish foreign policy; we are therefore honoured that the Swedish Embassy in Lisbon and Business Sweden are cooperating with us in this project, aiming to further deepen the synergies between Portugal and Sweden.