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The Swedish Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon (CLS) is a non-profit organization, currently counting at 113 members. The main objective of CLS is to promote business for members through activities in accordance with the interchange and mutual knowledge between the Swedish and Portuguese business communities.

CLS is one of the pillars of the “Team Sweden” in Portugal together with the Embassy of Sweden. Both organizations coordinate their activities, cooperate, and thus maximize the outcomes of their individual missions.




1. Identifying and establishing contacts with target groups

2. Trade-missions 

3. Partner searches

4. Market checks 

5. Events / Seminars / Round tables


  • the gateway for Swedish companies to do business in Portugal
  • the networking hub for Swedish and Portuguese professionals in all stages of their professional lives and their related businesses;
  • the point-of-contact for Portuguese businesses with existing business relations with Sweden or who are interested in establishing such relations;
  • a resource to provide information on the economy, the culture, and the social system in both countries.


  • Creation of legal entity / company in Portugal
    CLS gives you advice on the most common types of business forms in Portugal as well as connect your company with our network of lawyers; Lenia Lopes Lawyers, Sérvulo & Associados, GPA Law firm, F.Castelo Branco & Associados, Deloitte, Veronica Pisco Lawyers, Calcada Lawyers and Settla Law, as well as the online company Internago

  • Communication / Advertising 
    CLS members can be communication sponsors to create visibility wherever CLS are active; newsletters, website, events, printed material and roll-ups. CLS members have the possibility to advertise on CLS website when hiring new staff

  • Market check in Portugal or in Sweden:
    CLS uses their expanded network and experienced Portuguese speaking staff to make your market research valid. In a market check. Including; (1) General overview of the market, (2) Specific questions regarding your company’s business area and (3) Identify agents / partners / potential clients

  • CLS as facilitator for meeting or visiting programmes
    CLS offer strategic meeting support and organize meetings with your targeted stakeholders via our extended network

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Does your company want to create a marketing event, a strategic networking event or maybe in need of a targeted round table or a larger meeting including the right stakeholders to communicate your message in a trustworthy manner?

  • Events such as; business breakfast, evening networking events, seminars etc.
  • Round tables or organized larger meetings 


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continuous and annual events made by cls

Discover Portugal Dinner


The Discover Portugal Dinner is a series of dinners directed to people whom are newly arrived in Portugal or have an interest in expanding their network.

* The dinners are held in an intimate setting with limited attendance
* CLS chooses the venues, as an attraction in themselves, that offers an excellent three-course dinner in a nice ambiance.
* The topics cover different aspects of business and public life in Portugal with well know Portuguese speakers with events held in English.

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Annual Business Golf Tournament

September 25th, 2020

The annual CLS Business Golf Tournament is one of our flagship-events and has been organized annually since the early days of the Chamber. The tournament has been highly appreciated both by the Swedish community as within the Portuguese business people who enjoy golf.

The tournament gathers several Portuguese and Sweden business men and Swedish individuals to network, enjoy a golf tour on an excellent golf course as well as the annual lunch where we celebrate the winning team and the activities made during the year.

Join the 2020 business tournament to showcase your company or your golf skills. Stay tuned for registration to open!

Traditional Swedish Christmas Lunch

December 12th, 2019

The traditional Swedish Christmas lunch is set up to be in honor to the Lúcia holiday, as well as the possibility for members and non-members to enjoy a traditional Swedish Julbord (Christmas lunch); including typical fish, meatballs and the Swedish liquor snaps. The children from the Swedish School in Lisbon gives a performance in traditional costumes and singing songs.